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How it really happened : NINJIO Season 4, Episode 5, Say It, Don’t Spray It

In NINJIO’s Season 4, Episode 5, an undercover operative has gone missing…and now it’s time to turn to a convicted hacker to find out what happened, and how a large hacking syndicate gains access to multiple accounts all over the world.  Reused and recycled passwords are never a good idea; with a technique called Password Spraying, hackers can easily take advantage of accounts using these common passwords, even with complexity settings in place.



6 Lessons Learned From The Citrix Breach

Cyber Security Hub discusses the Citrix breach and ways for users and companies to protect themselves.


Password Spray Attack Definition and Defending Yourself

This type of attack is explained in detail by The Windows Club, along with a comparison against a password brute force attack.


The Plight of the Password

Password breaches are incredibly common; Security Magazine looks at passwords at risk, large breaches, and some of the causes.


How to create a strong password

Security Boulevard goes over some tips to create strong passwords and keep from falling prey to some of these hacks.


Here Are the Most Common Passwords Found in the Hacked LinkedIn Data

If you aren’t certain if your password is considered common or not, Fortune compiled a list from the LinkedIn Breach.

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