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Two NINJIO AWARE formats to choose from!

Every once in a while, NINJIO “Classic” (The American Anime Style of NINJIO), doesn’t make it very far in the buyer’s consideration process.  The primary feedback is that the design style of the NINJIO character is too progressive, and the buyer is working in a very conservative organization.

For NINJIO AWARE security awareness training to be the most effective, it must be consumed by as close to 100% of the organization that it can be.  For this reason, an additional “conservative” character set for NINJIO AWARE has been added and named….

“NINJIO AWARE Corporate”

It’s important to note that the character set is the only thing that is changing.  NINJIO AWARE Corporate training uses the same story, the same script, and the same voice acting.  The two versions of NINJIO will merely be separated by the style of the character.

Now your organization will have 2 versions of security awareness training to choose from, and you can mix and match.  You can launch NINJIO AWARE Corporate to the more conservative set of the work force, and NINJIO AWARE Classic to the rest of the work force.



> The “Core-4” Episodes will be the first episodes to be re-created into the NINJIO AWARE Corporate format

> Beginning in January, 2019, NINJIO AWARE Corporate will follow the same topic track as NINJIO AWARE Anime

> With the exception of two episodes of the Core-4, Seasons 1-3 will not be made in the Corporate format.

> There is no extra charge for NINJIO AWARE Corporate, unless we have to translate the episodes.

To learn more about NINJIO AWARE Corporate, or NINJIO in general, don’t hesitate to speak with an expert.