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Creating a NINJIO FORCEFIELD around each one of your employees is in our soul. It’s who we are and why we do what we do. We’ve thought for over 2 decades about how best to do this, and we believe we have figured it out.

NINJIO FORCEFIELD consists of 3 exclusive cyber security solutions, integrated to create true Security Behavior Modification within your organization.

NINJIO AWARE can be deployed as a Managed Service on our Learning Management System, or we can license and supply you our content to be delivered on your own system.

Our flagship solution changes the I.T. Security behavior of your end users. We do this by creating 3-4-minute-long animated episodes based on, or inspired by, real companies who’ve been breached. We tell cyber security stories. We don’t lecture your users.


We connect emotionally with your user in the opening scene, establishing engagement.  Each Episode is inspired by a Real Company who has suffered a significant security breach.

We then focus on a single attack vector, a significant teachable moment.

We finish it off with a short-gamified quiz to ensure they took it all in.

We release a brand-new episode every 30 days based on the most current and/or prolific breaches, keeping your users up-to-date on the latest threats, making your organization safer.

The NINJIO Philosophy on Simulated Phishing

Simulated PHISHING and Training must have an ethical wall erected between them and should not be done under the same roof.

You don’t let your Security Firm audit you, remediate their findings, and re-audit you, do you? Why would you allow a Simulated Phishing company the ability to “Train toward their next Simulated Phishing campaign” and produce Simulated Results?  The potential for collusion between the Training and Simulated Phishing is high in these instances.

With NINJIO PHISH, we have deep API integration into Top-tier Simulated Phishing providers and we offer you the convenience of a single NINJIO user database (for NINJIO AWARE Hosted), enterprise grade volume pricing, for an integrated training solution that maintains the ethical wall.

We educate, they Phish.

A single set of stolen credentials can be all a hacker needs to begin their breach. We layer the NINJIO FORCEFIELD with our Compromised Credentials monitoring service powered by InfoArmor, who maintain the world’s largest compromised credentials database. With operatives working all over the globe, we collect dozens of databases of compromised credentials every day, giving you near real-time actionable intelligence you need to secure your users and secure your organization.

how NINJIO CREDS works

Through our relationship with InfoArmor, we have access to the largest compromised credentials database on the net.

InfoArmor’s Operatives work across the globe, collecting dozens of new data sets of compromised credentials every day.

When a set of credentials with an email address ending in is found, we notify you within 6 hours of obtaining those credentials.

Depending on your own internal policies, you may choose to notify the user, or their supervisor.

Whatever the case, the user must change their password on every website that compromised password might exist, and remind them not to use the same password on multiple websites!


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