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NINJIO Family Use Rights

It’s a Tuesday night…

Carissa walks through the door just in time for dinner. John was out of work early today, so he made his famous lasagna. Sitting around the table, the topic of Spear Phishing comes up. Of their three kids, the middle child Colt starts talking about all the ways that hackers research people before a Spear Phishing attack. John chimes in as well, referring to the NINJIO AWARE Episode that he watched right before putting the lasagna in the oven.

How does this happen? Carissa sees the NINJIO AWARE Episode at work that day, and John and the three kids see it at home. Carissa works for a company who subscribes to NINJIO AWARE, and for that reason, she can pick up to 5 family members to receive each Episode, as they are released, at no cost. No cost to the organization and no cost to Carissa or her family.



We believe that a secure culture should be a part of your family culture, just as we create it in your work culture. There is an interesting phenomenon that we’re noticing. As the family talks about security more at home, the spouse at work takes it more seriously, and is more engaged, thus keeps the company more secure.

We’ve created a NINJIO FORCEFIELD around the FAMILY and we are very proud that NINJIO Family Use Rights are included with every NINJIO AWARE subscription.