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PSA: Phishing and Home Buying Scams

Every once in a while we hear a story that tugs at the heart strings so hard, that we have to do something about it. In the beginning of 2017, a large law enforcement agency approached us and let us know about a criminal epidemic of Real Estate Wire Fraud based around phishing. They simply could not keep up with the number of home buying scams happening, and their roadshow events weren’t enough to touch everyone who needed to be touched. After a couple of meetings understanding the details of how this epidemic is occurring, we went to work on an Episode which would be our very first “Public Service Announcement.”

The Episode below, “The Homeless Homebuyer” is for your consumption and for the consumption of anyone and everyone buying a home, or who is even thinking about buying a home. We encourage you to share this Episode to all your social media channels, and definitely to those friends who may be in the home-buying process.